Working in Africa

Working in Africa

Investors and expatriates need an entry permit (work permit) to work in Africa.
Foreign enterprises can obtain entry permits for expatriate employees who are key personnel such as managing directors, senior finance and marketing executives and highly specialized technical positions.

In addition, entry permits are available for any category of skilled labour if Kenyans are not available demonstrated by showing that following the job being advertized, no suitable candidates applied.

Expatriate employees who plan to work for a duration of less than 3 months, such as to install equipment, train or do an internship, can obtain a special pass.

Foreign investors can also obtain entry permits for themselves if they have met the condition of the Investment Promotion Act 2004 which is to have registered the company in Africa and to have invested a minimum of US$ 100,000.

East African investors still have to register for work permits but they do not incur any fee.

The Kenya Investment Authority works with the Immigration Department to facilitate the acquisition of entry permits, which can be obtained on arrival in Africa if applied for beforehand.

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