Our commitment to sustainability is as unwavering as the day Baruch Investment & Finance Company was founded. At Baruch Investment & Finance Company, we have always considered sustainability to be a business driver that ultimately builds stronger, more sustainable, and profitable businesses.

Angumi’s Sustainability Index

This thinking is particularly relevant in the markets in which we invest and operate. We recognize that effectively embedding sustainability considerations into our investment process will both protect value and enhance the long-term returns for our businesses, our stakeholders and shareholders.

Sustainability has been one of the cornerstones of our investment strategy. We believe that sustainability and strong performance go hand-in-hand. This approach has been validated by the economic value we have helped our partner companies create, the returns we have generated for our investors, and the positive social impact that has been created in our communities.

Integrating ESG into Investments

At Baruch Investment & Finance Company, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into financial analysis and decision-making to better manage risk and generate long-term value. We have developed a set of guiding Business Principles to ensure that ESG practices are integrated throughout the investment process from investment identification and due diligence through to exit.

At the core of this is our ESG Management System (MS) which houses the Group’s ESG Business Principles. Simply put, our guiding principles can be captured as:

  • Taking a responsible approach to investing and recognizing the potential impact of businesses on the environment, employees, communities and society.
  • Acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, actively managing ESG issues and risks effectively, and committing to sustainable business practices.
  • Being objective, fair, and transparent with all our stakeholders.

  • Operating professionally in a performance-orientated culture and being committed to continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring that our partner companies incorporate ESG issues into their decision-making and ownership practices in a way which is consistent with their fiduciary duty and aligned with the Group’s ESG Management System.
  • Building for the Long-Term

As alternative asset managers in growth markets, we are ideally placed to drive the integration of sustainability into our partner companies. Towards this end, and through our partnership approach, the investment teams work with partner companies during each stage of the investment cycle to meet applicable ESG requirements and identify value add opportunities to build strong, sustainable businesses.

Engagement with Industry Partners and Leading Thinkers

Baruch Investment & Finance Company is committed to supporting and driving sustainable thinking and practices in our industry. A key element is our engagement with a wide range of industry partners and thought leaders to further promote the long-term relevance of sustainability in the private sector.

Building & Growing Great Companies