Investment Objective

Baruch Investment & Finance CompanyPublic Equity employs long/short equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research with analytical portfolio construction to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the global equity markets. We seek to generate consistent, positive absolute returns over a full market and economic cycle while exhibiting minimal beta  and other macro factors.

We partner with our clients to drive incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, potential co-investments and strategic relationships.

Fundamental Research Drives Alpha

We believe earnings are the ultimate arbiter of share price performance over the long-term. We take a global approach to covering our core industry verticals and aim to leverage Bain Capital’s broader platform to gain unique insights to drive incremental value.

Seek Positive Long/Short Spread

We view positive long/short spread as a critical measure of the success and health of our business. We identify long and short ideas within each industry vertical that stand alone as individual alpha opportunities.

Analytical Portfolio Construction

We seek to take idiosyncratic, company-specific risk identified and assessed through our rigorous fundamental research process; building the portfolio from the bottom-up. Proactive monitoring and risk analysis of our portfolios is paramount as we seek to identify and mitigate unwanted factor biases and portfolio drift.

We strive to develop differentiated views and unique insights on our portfolio companies as a primary mechanism to generate alpha.

Building & Growing Great Companies