Export Processing Zones

Export Processing Zones

Best Location For Export Oriented Investment

Export Processing Zone presents the best opportunity for growth and development of export oriented Investments.

Investors can enjoy preferential access to world markets under a number of special access and duty reduction programmes and quick and fast facilitation services by the Export Processing Zones Authority

Why Kenya For Export Oriented Investment

  • Tax incentives
  • Access regional and international to markets
  • Easier procedures and smooth operations
  • Access physical infrastructure

County Level Opportunities

Opportunities From Political Devolution

The implementation of the 2010 constitution has led to the devolution of significant powers to Kenya’s x counties. This has led to the construction of new country government offices and displacement of civil servants and spending power from Nairobi to county capitals, with the attendant impact on local economies.

The devolution of development funds to county budgets has also led to an increase in road and other construction at the county level. This has led to significant opportunities in construction and property development in the counties.

High Prospects for Growth

Kenya’s Ecological and Economic diversity is best presented by the counties. Each county has unique opportunities owing to its geographic location and economic opportunities therein

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